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Who Has Access To Your Children's Records?

Despite your legal and physical custody arrangement with your child’s parent, Minnesota laws provides that both you and your child’s parent have the right of access to, and to receive copies of, school, medical, dental, religious training, and other important records and information about your children. Both you and your child’s parent have the right of access to information regarding health or dental insurance available to your children as well as the right to be informed by school officials about your children's welfare, educational progress and status, and to attend school and parent-teacher conferences.

Despite your custody arrangement with your child's parent, " both you and your child's parent have the right of access to" your child's records.

Each parent has an obligation to keep the other informed as to the name and address of the school of attendance of your children. In case of an accident or serious illness of your children, you shall notify your child’s parent of the accident or illness, the name of the health care provider and the place of treatment. Although each parent has the right to reasonable access and telephone contact with your children. Reasonable access can be defined as a specific time for telephone calls between your children and their parent or a number of daily calls allowed.

"Each parent has an obligation to keep the other informed..."

In limited cases, the Court may restrict access to your children’s information by your children’s parent if the Court finds it is necessary to protect the welfare of you or your children.

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