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Tips & Tricks To Creating A Quality Parenting Time Schedule

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

It has been our experience that a detailed Parenting Time Schedule is extremely important. A thorough Parenting Time Schedule will help avoid post-divorce disputes between you and the opposing party.

A Parenting Time Schedule should include (1) when your children are to spend time with you and your children’s other parent during the school year; (2) when your children are to spend time with you and your children’s other parent during the summer; (3) a holiday schedule; (4) a vacation schedule; and (5) which parent is responsible for transportation of your child.

In extremely limited circumstances the Court can require a parent to have Supervised Parenting Time. There must be a legitimate and compelling reason, such as endangerment to your child, for the court to put an order in place requiring supervised parenting time. Supervised parenting time may be held at a supervised safety center or a third party may be required to be present during the parenting time.

Here is an example of a four week Parenting Time Schedule:

Holiday Schedule

Like the monthly Parenting Schedule, the Holiday Parenting Schedule can be customized to provide for you and the opposing party’s holiday traditions. Considerations such as whether the holiday always falls on a weekend or whether it alternates days. We have found that holidays, like the 4th of July, present a challenge as longer weekends and activities may be desired to be scheduled. However, when if these longer weekends are not contemplated by the parenting time plan, disputes over where the kids spend the weekend occur and both kids and parents may be left extremely disappointed. Take time to contemplate each holiday and what events may occur around the holiday that involve your children.

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