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There are many benefits to establishing a proper estate plan.  An attorney experienced in the creation of a plan for you and your family is essential to maximization of those benefits. We understand how to protect you and your family to make sure your wishes are carried out both during your life and after you pass. 

Below are some of the benefits to the establishment of an estate plan:

Provide For Your Spouse And Children. 

It is important for couples to make sure they are each provided for, even in the event of the death of a spouse. Likewise, they want to make sure their children are appropriately cared for and can complete their education. Otherwise, a court will make these decisions without your input how your assets are distributed and when and how your children receive their distribution from your estate.  

Get Your Property To Your Beneficiaries Quickly. 

There are numerous estate planning options to expedite distributions to your beneficiaries and avoid the need to expend extended time and expense associated with probate.  

Plan For Your Incapacity. 

The estate planning process allows you to make decisions relating to mental or physical incapacity and whom you want to make decisions in the event you are unable to yourself.  

Minimize Expenses. 

A good estate plan will alleviate the cost and expense of transferring assets and property to your beneficiaries.  


Choose Who Administers Your Estate. 

Without an estate plan, the court will determine who will be appointed to administer your estate and distribution of your assets. With an estate plan, you control whom you want to act as your trustee, executor, personal representative, or in the event of your incapacity. 

Ease Strain On Your Family. 

An estate plan can take the burden from your grieving survivors to attempt to decide how you wanted your estate administered, whether you wanted to be cremated or buried, and avoid the animosity and uncertainty that occurs between family members when a loved one dies.

Reduce Taxes. 

Every dollar your estate is required to pay in taxes is a dollar your beneficiaries do not receive. An effective estate plan can maximize the amount distributed to your loved ones and minimize the amount paid to the government. 

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