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Divorce and custody disputes are tough on everyone involved - especially your children. The conflict can feel overwhelming. We are passionate about helping our clients to obtain results based upon a child first philosophy.  


Corporate Formation, Employee Contracts, Sales Agreements, Commerical Leases

We understand that business owners have worked hard in their business. Business owners want to work with a law firm that will protect their interests and build their future. They want attorneys with experience in areas of law that may have an effect on their business such as contracts, employee issues, and real estate purchases and leases.  Our lawyers take a hands-on approach to our legal representation, personally meeting with clients to address their individual legal needs.


Purchase Agreements, Contract for Deeds, Conveyances, Easements, Quiet Title Action

Real estate is one of the most significant investments in most clients' lives. Whether it is a sale, purchase or a disputed boundary line, the protection of our clients' property rights is central to our law firm's representation.  An experienced real estate attorney is central to the protection of property  


Family Law Mediation, Custody Evaluations, Parenting Consultant

Not every divorce or custody dispute requires a trial. Most judges in family law matters, require the parties to first attempt to mediate the dispute before going to trial. Our qualified family law mediator is experienced in assisting the parties to reach mutually beneficial solutions.


In highly contested divorce or child custody cases, the court requires a custody evaluation to be appointed to provide a report on how parenting time and custody. Our qualified family law mediator has had experience on all sides of matters and is uniquely capable of providing a custody evaluation to the judge.  

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